Hoof Spray System

Hoof Spray System HSS

Good hoof care must be easy, which is why we have developed a system where you only have the lance and hose around the milk grave. we also have a system for cows/heifers in the catch grids. 
Thanks to our unique nozzle, the hoof care product gets properly into the hoof gap. 
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For use in the milk grave/carousels. The pump unit is located in a fixed place in the grave and therefore its only the lance and hose you need to carry around.

Our Hoof Sprayer is equipped with an effective and strong stainless steel nozzle, which easily withstands the enviroment at hoof height. The nozzle gives large, soft drops which the cow feels but does not feel pain.

You only have the lance and hose around in the milk grave. The pump is driven by a battery pump with start/stop function. The lance is 60 cm long.

Hoof Sprayer kan også anvendes som rygsprøjte til køer og kvier i fanggitter. Med den 160 cm. lange lanse, udført i rustfrit stål, kan du nemt og hurtigt spraye klovene. Hoof Sprayer can also be used as a back sprayer for cows and heifers in trap grids. With the 160 cm long lonce made of stainless steel, you can easily and quickly spray the hooves.

The video shows how the hoof care products, thanks to our nozzle, gets into the hoof gap.