Om Primecare

About Primecare For horses

Primecares products is produced and packed in the most southern of Denmark.

Primecares products

The active ingredients from Primecares products degrades biofilm and removes moisture, ammonia and hydrogen sulfides. In this way, an enviroment is created in which bacteria have a very difficult time developing. 

The active ingredients in Primecares products consists of aluminum, iron and zinc-containing acidic minerals, which in the conplex mixture are harmless to the skin and hoof. 

Furthermore the immune inhibitory effect disappears from the biofilm, and the horses immune system and wound healing can proceed unhindered. Our products are not based on bacterial control, but enviromental change in the frog and skin. 

The people of Primecare...

Flemming Schmidt –  Owner of Primecare For Horses. Primarily for sales and to give knowledge about our products. 

Malene Kaja Larsen – Product consulant. Primarily for sales and marketing. Malene is always ready to talk about our products and has a lot of knowledge about horses with 22 years of experience.