Liquid for acute itching with cooling effect

Eczema is sold in a pipette bottle, which has a practical size and is easy to dose by the mane, back and the root of the tail.

  • Removes the itching after short time use.
  • Deteriorates living conditions for mites and other insects.
  • Neutralizes the saliva of the mites.
  • Supports healing of wounds after mite attack.
  • Does not contain prohibited substances according to FEI’s list.

Vejledende udsalgspris: 199,00 kr for 500 ml


Summer eczema is an itchy skin condition caused by stings from the mites. Horses on summer grass are particularly vulnerable. The disorder can occur thoughout the summer, but is espacially harsh in May through September. 

The horse react with an allergic reaction to the mites saliva. The skin changes at the mane, back and tail corresponds to a particular mite (culicoides pulicaris) preferred location on the horse. It is typical that not all horses on the same paddock are attacked by the mites. Summer eczema can not be transmitted from horse to horse.


It is a pronounced disorder in Icelandic horses and ponies, but other horses can also be attacked by the mites. 

Symptoms of summer eczema: 

Hudforandringer i manke- og haleregion

Skin changes in the mane and tail region. 

  • Initially redness and the formation of small blisters are seen.
  • Next exuding eczema is seen, with leakage of yellowish liquid drying in.
  • Intense itching.
  • The horse rubs its mane and tail, the hair wears off and the skin is further irritated.
  • Deep wounds  can occur on the affected areas.
  • If the disease lasts for a long time, the tail hair is almost wourn off and the skin becomes thick and leathery.

Source: Netdyredoktor


  • Cut the top of the supplied pipette tip and attach it to the bottle.
  • Dose eczema directly into the wound/irritated areas.
  • Make sure the liquid gets all the way down to the skin. Massage the liquid well around the area, feel free to use gloves. 
  • The treatment is repeated daily until the problem is resolved. 
  • Eczema will form sediment over time. This has no effect on the product. Shake the bottle if necessary before use.