Bedding is sprinkled on top of the bedding in the stall/outdoor stall. It immerses ammonia, hydrogen sulfides, moisture and odor.

Vejledende udsalgspris: 249,00 kr for 11 kg

The biofilm in wounds combined with moisture, ammonia og hydrogen sulfides creates the perfect enviroment for those bacterias that leads to thrush in the hoof and mud fever.

At the same time the biofilm inhibits the horses immune system and prevents wound healing. In this way a chronic condition can be created where skin infections such as thrush in the hoof and mud fever persists and the horse cannot fight these.


Hoof and Skin from Primecare degrades the biofilm and removes moisture, ammonia and hydrogen sulfides. In this way an enviroment is created in which bacteria have a very difficult time developing.
Futhermore the immune inhibiting effect disappears from the bio film and the horses immune system and wound healing can proceed unhindered. 

Bedding works via an active chemical degradation process unlik common stall powders on the marktet, which absorbs only a small amount of liquid that can be released again. 

Ammoniak og svovlbrinter er meget skadelige for både mennesker og dyr, og forbindes med en øget risiko for luftvejsinfektioner og irritationer. Desuden nedbryder ammoniak og væske strøelsen, således holdbarheden af denne minskes betydeligt.

Ammonia and hydrogen sulfides are very harmful to both humans and animals and are associated with an increased risk of respiratory infections and irritations. In addition ammonia and liquid the bedding of the stall which significantly reducing its shelf life. 

Bedding fra primecare består udelukkende af uorganiske mineraler.


At start up apply 4 kg Bedding spread evenly over the bedding of the stall ( up to 16 m2)

Approx. 1 kg of Bedding is spread over once a week, primarily over the wet areas. 

The dose can be increased if the bedding of the stall is very wet.