Hoof Gel

Hoof Gel

  • Hoof Gel is especially suitable for frogs and cracks where its hard to reach with Hoof Powder for example is Hoof Gel suitable for horses that dont want to stand still with the hoof lifted.
  • Hoof Gel is superb to use preventable and it is always a good idea to have Hoof Gel in you stable for when the horses have thrush in the frog.
  • Can be used all over the underside of the hoof.
  • Use daily as acute treatment or preventable 1-2 times a week.

Vejlende udsalgspris: 299,00 kr for 250 ml

Products describtion

  • Hoof Gel contains the same active ingredients as Hoof Powder, only they are mixed as a gel, which makes it easier to dose, The concentration of active substances in Hoof Gel is therefore not quite on par with Hoof Powder. This means the treatment time can last for 1-2 weeks, compared to typically one week for Hoof Powder. On the other hand, Hoof Gel is very easy and quick to use.
  • Hoof Gel is especially usefull in the frog and the cracks, where it is practically impossible to pack Hoof Powder under cotton wool, with very wide or narrow collateral groove.
  • Hoof Gel is also a good alternative if it is generally difficult for you to handle the treatment with Hoof Powder


  • Remove dirt with a  hoof cleaner and/or dry brush
  • Apply Hoof Gel deep in the central groove of the frog, collateral groove and cracks.
  • The treatment is repeated daily until the problem is resolved.
  • Can be used 1-2 times a week preventively.
  • Hoof Gel thickens by standing, but becomes more liquid again with shaking.