Hoof Liquid

Hoof Liquid

Hoof Liquid contains the same active ingredients as hoof Powder, only its made liquid. This version is perfect for securing the product goes all the way down the deep cracks. 

Hoof Liquid is the best against acute thrush in the hoof as it penetrates well into the cracks. The product can be used with great advantage combined with Hoof Powder, in this way you effectively ensure the fight against hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. 


Hoof Liquid counteracts environmental problems in the frog.
Hoof Liquid is not based on bacterial control, but instead a change of the environment in the frog and cracks. 
In this process the moisture, dirt, bio film, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide are removed. The reestablishes a healthy, dry and oxygenated frog, chich can resist bacteria and development of hydrogen sulfides in the frog.


Vejledende udsalgspris: 249,00 kr for 250 ml


*Remove dirt with a hoof cleaner or dry brush
*Add Hoof Liquid , the high penetration ability to ensure that the product is distributed deep in the frog and cracks
*The treatment is repeated daily until the problem is resolved.
*Can be used 1-2 times a week preventively
*Incredibly easy to dose as Hoof Liquid is sold with a practical pipette tip.